silent snooz

Client: Silent Snooz
Challenge: To rebrand and to create packaging that makes the function of the product clear and has a clean design
Role: Designed new logos and packaging designs
Results: A rebrand that accurately and clearly shows the function and purpose of the product, Silent Snooz

Design 1: The original packaging was busy and unclear about the product’s function. To make the function clear, I made “nasal dilator” and its purpose in large font for customers to easily read. The pattern of the packaging is the phases of the moon, which I thought was a fun way to reference sleeping and make the package more modern. The logo easily conveys that the product is about sleeping.

Design 2: This design was inspired by the traditional striped pajamas. The stripe colors help distinguish what scent the nasal dilators are and make the packaging more fun. On shelf, the colors and stripes would make Silent Snooz stand out. The logo easily shows that the product is about sleeping.