Cleveland Opera Theater Booklets

Client: Cleveland Opera Theater
Challenge: To educate individuals of varying ages about the opera, The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart
Role: Designed digital booklets for Pre-K level, Pre-K to 3rd grade level and college level individuals. Cover designed by Andrew Lobosco.
Results: The booklets are found on the theater’s website where individuals can go and access them.

Pre-K Booklet: For this booklet, I wanted to ensure that young children would understand and be engaged by the material. In order to do this, I focused on using images/illustrations to divide up the material and keep interest. Colors were used to highlight sections, to help children understand what information is about.

College Booklet: For this booklet, I used images to provide a division in the text. Not all pages utilized images so, I relied on using photos of the opera with the titles. Once again, I wanted to create a visual break since this booklet is very text heavy.